AP US History

Grade: 11

Credit: 1

Prerequisite Assignment to Grade 11

Advanced Placement U.S. History is a course designed for the student who accepts the challenge of an advanced class in American History. Students will be expected to master all of the SOL objectives for Virginia and U.S. History. In addition, analytical writing will be required, both in essays developed within the framework of the class and in papers developed as a result of research assignments. In May, the students will take an Advanced Placement U.S. History Examination to qualify for advanced standing and/or credit in college.

Teacher: Mr. Watters and Ms. Brown

Contact Information:  [email protected],  [email protected] 

Summer Assignment:

Each AP US History student is required to purchase or obtain the AMSCO United States History Advanced Placement Review Text, 2020 edition or newer, to accompany the county issued textbook. The AMSCO text can be purchased by calling 1-800-831-4190. The book price is $18.95 plus shipping and handling. Please make sure to get the 2020 edition or newer, as all reading assignments will be given according to the newest edition. Older versions will not have the same information with regards to the revised AP exam and rubrics.

The summer assignment is to read pages 1-67 (the first 3 chapters) of the 2018 AMSCO US History text (which covers Time Periods 1 and 2 of the AP US History Curriculum). Students are highly encouraged to take notes on the reading. On the third day of class, there will be a test on the summer assignment reading (multiple choice, matching, and short answer).