AP Calculus BC

Grades: 11-12

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Functions/Analytic Geometry and teacher recommendation.


Advanced Placement Calculus BC is intended for students who have a thorough knowledge of analytic geometry and elementary functions. Although all of the elements of the Advanced Placement Calculus AB course are included, this course provides a more rigorous treatment of these introductory calculus topics. The course also includes the development of the additional topics required by the College Entrance Examination Board in its syllabus for Advanced Placement Calculus BC. Among these are parametric, polar, and vector functions; the rigorous definition of limit; advanced integration techniques; Simpson's Rule; length of curves; improper integrals; Hooke's Law; and the study of sequences and series. The use of the graphing calculator will be fully integrated into instruction and students will be called upon to confirm and interpret results of problem situations that are solved using available technology. Students are required to take the AP Calculus BC examination which is administered in May. College credit and/or advanced placement in college is available to those students receiving a qualifying score on the Advanced Placement Examination.

Teacher: Cynthia Baird, Bradley Morrison

Contact Information: [email protected][email protected]

Summer Assignment:There is no summer assignment for Calculus BC.