Ms. Lisamarie Kane


Principal, Lisa Marie Kane

I am delighted to serve as principal of Osbourn Park High School. I am both honored and humbled to work with this outstanding team in continuing the tradition of excellence at our school. Before arriving at Osbourn Park I served for five years as an assistant principal at Gar-Field High School, where I had the opportunity to supervise special education, science, and mathematics. I also provided support to grow and retain new teachers through my role as supervisor of the mentoring program. Of all the work accomplished at Gar-Field High School, I am most proud of developing positive and supportive relationships with teachers, and working to minimize barriers to effective instruction.

Prior to administration, I taught chemistry at both Potomac and Forest Park High Schools. I received a bachelor's and master's degree in food science from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and a certificate in advance graduate studies in the area of education leadership from the University of New England. I am also very passionate about science, previously working in the citrus industry as a food scientist.

On a personal note, my greatest honor has been being a mom to my three children. I love traveling and spending time with my family. I am an avid reader, and enjoy reading science fiction, but I will never turn away from a great book on teaching or student learning!

Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." As we move forward together, my guiding principle will be that all students can learn at high levels. It is through continuous pursuit and daily execution of this vision that we, together, will build upon tradition and reach even greater levels of achievement in the future at Osbourn Park. You can expect that I will work diligently to support our teachers to ensure our students continue to receive an outstanding education.

Mr. Dylan Grazier

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal, Dylan Grazier

Students A-CAZ

Student Services - 9th Grade Liaison, Freshman Festival, AP Testing, Lit Mag, Summer ENglish Remediation

Mr. Grazier grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is entering his 12th year as an educator. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Education in 2010 from La Roche University in North Hills, PA where he also played basketball. Mr. Grazier started his teaching career in 2011 as a Special Education Teacher at Woodbridge High School while coaching basketball, golf and obtaining his Educational Leadership degree from George Mason University. In 2016, Mr. Grazier earned his principal’s certificate and became the Administrative Intern at Battlefield High School.

In his free time, Mr. Grazier enjoys spending quality time with his wife, son, and dog. He works to live a balanced life, filled with fun, learning, and time to run and golf. Mr. Grazier loves to work with the community, faculty, students and stakeholders to maintain Osbourn Park’s reputation as a top-notch high school!

Ms. Lindsey Walton

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal, Linsdsey Walton

Students Cb-Har

Student Services - 12th Grade Liaison, Pre-governor's school, Graduation Coordinator, SOL and PSAT Testing

Greetings Yellow Jackets! I am excited to start my 17th year in education and my 15th year at Osbourn Park. I've been a Business and Marketing teacher, Specialty Program Coordinator, and now Assistant Principal during my time here at OP. I am also a graduate of OPHS, though that was quite a while ago! OP is an exceptional school with an outstanding faculty and staff. I am so thankful to work with some of the best teachers in the country who give all they have to see our students succeed. OP is  such a special school to be a part of and I hope that each student learns as much as they can and has a great time working with such wonderful fellow students and teachers. Remember, Once a Jacket, Always a Jacket!

Ms. Kenyetta Wilson-Keys

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal, Kenyettla Wilson-Keys

Students Has-Miraj

Student Services - CTE Contact, 11th Grade Liason, BioTech and Project Lead the Way Coordinator

Ms. Wilson Keys originally joined Osbourn Park High School as a teacher in 2009. Since that time she has served as a teacher, the Biotechnology Center Coordinator, and now as an Assistant Principal.  Before joining OPHS, Ms. Wilson Keys taught Biology and Chemistry in Atlanta, GA. Ms. Keys views a collaborative school environment as the key to creating successful teachers and students. She believes partnerships with parents and community partners are essential to enriching the experience at Osbourn Park. During her free time, Ms. Wilson Keys enjoys reading, travelling, and spending time with her family.

Ms. Tonia Allen

Assistant Principal


Students Mirak-Rop

Student Services - Saturday School and Detention, Summer Math Remediation, NHS Liason, Transportation and Activity Buses.

I am so excited to be on board with the Admin Team at Osbourn Park High School this school year. Before becoming an administrator, I was a teacher at OP for eight years and the department chair for the last four years. I look forward to continuing my work at OP, helping students and teachers grow into the best version of themselves.

I received my bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education from North Carolina A & T State University.  I received my 1st master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. After teaching for over 20 years, I desired to do more, so I attended George Mason to receive a master's degree in Educational Leadership.  

I love spending time with my husband and two sons. We love going to the beach as well as Great Wolf Lodge. Over the past few years, I have spent significant time on the sideline of my son's football games. Yes, I am one of the loud cheerleaders. 

My goal is to assist the building principal and the rest of the admin team in organizing and providing a positive, safe environment that is conducive to meeting the needs of all students, staff, and parents.

Ms. Artise Gill

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal, Artise Gill

Students Roq-Z

Student Services - 10th Grade Liason, Yearbook, Announcements, Student Monthly Celebrations

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I have been married for over 30 years, has two adult children. I love to visit my second home, the Caribbean island, St. Lucia, whenever I have the chance. I taught high school English for over 25 years and then started my second career as an administrator. Ilove everything sci/fi and fantasy and my favorite pastime is journaling. In fact, I sponsor OPHS's BuJo or Bullet Journal Club. I supervise the SPED department, NJROTC and Library and work with the custodial staff. I love to go to Comic-Cons any chance I get, but most of all, I love the students at Osbourn Park because of their ambition, willingness to work hard and last of all, their kindness.

Ms. Sarah Flores

Administrative Intern


Student Services - EL Academy and Attendance Liason.

Ms. Flores has over 20 years of teaching experience in Prince William County. She earned her undergraduate degree in Spanish from the University of Mary Washington, and her master's degree in Educational Leadership from George Mason University. She is the mother of three children with two that have graduated from Prince William County Schools and one in high school. Ms. Flores is very excited to begin her career as an administrator as an OP Yellow Jacket!

Ms. Pamela Gardner

Director of School Counseling


I'm a Counseling professional with over 25 years of experience counseling and consulting with students, parents, faculty and staff.   I joined the Osbourn Park High School family in 2005 as Director of School Counseling. I studied at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Greensboro, NC where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, and a Master of Science Degree in Counselor Education.
I am a passionate and enthusiastic leader who thrives on helping students reach their full potential. Throughout my extensive career, I have developed a reputation as a collaborative leader, who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence.
When I'm not at OPHS, you will find me spending time with family, traveling, reading, and cooking.  I am active in my community through my involvement in service and professional organizations.  "We must be the change we want to see" by Gandhi is a quote that I have found extremely inspirational and enlightening.

Mr. Keith Laine

Activities and Athletics Director

Assistant Principal, Keith Laine

Coming Soon.

 Administrative Assistants and Support Staff

  • Mrs. Marie Emery, Executive Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Kane, 
  • Mrs. Janet Jamison, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Allen (Attendance for Last Names Mirak-Rop), 
  • Mrs. Tracy Spencer, Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Wilson-Keys (Attendance for Last Names Has-Miraj), 
  • Ms. Catherine Aponte, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Walton and Test Coordinator, (Attendance for Last Names Cb - Har) 
  • Ms. Jaelly Martinez, Administrative Assistant to Mr. Grazier (Attendance for Last Names A - Caz), 
  • Ms. Idella Hughes, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Gill (Attendance for Last Names Roq - Z), 
  • Mrs. Kerri Mohl, Athletic Administrative Assistant to Mr. Laine, 
  • Ms. Morgan Carper, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Gardner, 
  • Ms. Tami Walrabenstein, Clinic Attendant, 
  • Mrs. Athena Hackett, Switchboard, 703.365.6500, 
  • Mrs. Becky Steele, Bookkeeper,
  • Mrs. Maria Grimsley, Library Media Assistant, 
  • Mrs. Sara Atwood, Registrar,
  • Mr. Ricardo Cisneros, Administrative Assistant to Registrar,


Teachers by Department


  • Raquel Pierre - Chair
  • Colleen Shamburg
  • Kathleen Caudle
  • Meredith Stevens
  • Nancy House


  • Kathleen Riddle - Chair
  • Melanie Ali
  • Marcie Babey
  • Michael Walter


  • Janet Livingstone - Chair
  • Elisa Featherston
  • Luis Hernandez - Science and Social Studies
  • Angelo Hilios - Social Studies
  • Matthew Hilley
  • Flor Martinez-Johnson - English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Pelin Monroe - English Language Arts
  • Lizzeth Ortega-Reyes
  • Diego Arzola Hernandez
  • Fabio Barbuzza

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

  • Christina Mullins - Chair
  • Mattea Edwards
  • Caroline Rubrecht
  • Angela Stouffer

Fine Arts / Performing Arts

  • Dominick Izzo - Chair and Chorus
  • Steven Daily - Band
  • Stephen Kelsey - Orchestra and Guitar
  • Jared Pugh - Theatre

Gifted Education / Signet

  •  -Chair
  • Mario Moreno

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

  • Justin Contois - Chair
  • Monica Brown
  • Melanie Cisiewicz
  • Lauren Field - Athletic Trainer
  • Osmundo Giron
  • Rodney Hodgson
  • Christine Kelly
  • Bob Lake
  • Ryan Truesdale

English Language Arts

  • Elizabeth Marlow - Chair
  • Kristinna Abalos
  • Anna Adler
  • David Barber
  • Leanne Beardsley
  • Shannon Cannaday
  • Michelle Gardner
  • Michelle Hairston
  • Erin Herbst
  • Matthew Hoffman
  • Angela Karish
  • Sawyer Kressin
  • Karl Kronlage
  • Rebecca Lozier
  • Anna McKittrick
  • James Noll
  • Eli Reichley
  • Jacqueline Rodebaugh
  • Jason Shaw
  • Krista Tangren
  • Jalissa White

Library Sciences / Librarians

  • Rheetha Lawlor - Chair
  • Jennifer Coleman


  • Shannon Johnson - Chair
  • Tammy Ambrose
  • Tishera Blue
  • Isabelle Gozum
  • Kimberly Green
  • Thomas Harrin
  • David Hartbarger
  • Sara Kasper
  • Ninette Locke
  • Cody Majewski
  • Catherine Park
  • Gina Pelosi
  • Vanessa Robinson
  • Kaela Schlevensky
  • Sydney Sumner
  • Brian Torp
  • Cynthia Tuttle
  • Vivian Vasquez
  • Taeyong Whang
  • Adam Woodell


  • Commander James Ogawa


  • William Shreve - Chair
  • Kara Bedford
  • Devin Burda
  • Meaghan Burke
  • Kathryn Delco
  • Jessica Doll
  • Julia Fontaine
  • Ben Forgas
  • Charles Greenwell
  • Carolanne Grogan
  • Matt Hammersten
  • Kathryn Kosiorek
  • James Long
  • Michael Maneval
  • Jennifer Martinez
  • Christina Melvin
  • Jeanette Morin
  • Jennifer Nemec
  • Morgan Patterson
  • Mark Rimkus
  • Gabriella Rodriquez
  • Christina Seay
  • Demi Wilson-Kappen

Social Studies

  • Jenny Buffa - Chair
  • Daniela Ancalles Jimenez
  • Ashley Brown
  • Jennifer Degrush
  • Patrick Derosa
  • Nicholas Edmondson
  • Jeremy Fox
  • Daniel Geroe
  • Ismael Gonzalez
  • Zane Hurst
  • Sarah Iler
  • Daniel Kosogof
  • Jalaine Martin
  • Kathleen McGregor
  • Dennis O'Buck
  • Lisa Petrovich
  • Matthew Ragghianti
  • Ronald Robinson
  • Heidi Schmidt
  • Britainy Schwoebel
  • Rachel Sherman
  • Anne Tra
  • Angela Trerotola
  • Ann Walters
  • Robert Watters
  • Susan Watters

Special Education

  • Cheryl Clarke - Chair
  • Lisa Greiling
  • Joe Hamilton
  • Julie MacDonald
  • Elizabeth Manuel
  • Adam Silber
  • Ryan Smith
  • Lydia Stewart
  • Gine Comer
  • Idello Hughes
  • Fatima Urbaniak
  • Betty Romero
  • Haydee Vigil
  • Jamie Gerhartz
  • Natasha Littlepage
  • Heather Averna
  • Nancy Tebell
  • Erin McLaughlin
  • Deante Steele
  • Hildey Conrad

Technical Education

  • Norman Pattarozzi - Chair
  • Michael Coots
  • Ed Levis
  • Catherine Richardson

World Languages

  • Todd Robbins - Chair
  • Allison Abedrabo
  • Jonelle Brown
  • Monica Camazon
  • Kristen Cox
  • Mariela Gonzalez
  • Erin O'Shea
  • Lisa Presotto
  • Omar Ruiz
  • Stephanie Tom
  • Anne Tra