How to determine if an absence will be counted as excused or unexcused.

Within five days of returning to school, the student must present a written note, stating the reason for the absence, signed and dated by the parent/guardian with a daytime phone number. All notes or emails must be submitted to the Appropriate Alpha Secretary. Email must be sent from the email address that we have in the HUB. Notes submitted after five days must be approved by an Alpha Administrator.

Absences are classified as excused based on the following reasons:

  • Personal illness of the student
  • Medical and dental appointments for the student
  • Death of immediate family member
  • Observation of a religious holiday
  • Emergency conditions in the student's home that require help from the student
  • Reasons of extenuating circumstances to be judged by the principal/designee
  • Short trips taken by the entire family when required because of caring for children, particularly if the trip is construed to be of educational value and could be made a part of the instructional program
  • Student participation in school-sponsored activities taking place during school hours
  • Required court appearance
  • Approved pre-arranged absences

Absences are classified as unexcused based on the following reasons:

  • All day truancy
  • Class truancy
  • Missing a ride or a bus
  • Unapproved pre-arranged absence
  • Failure to produce an appropriate explanation for absence

A Reminder About Absences:

  • At the third consecutive absence, a medical note is required ro excuse further absences
  • At the tenth absence (total count), a medical note is required for each additional absence for the remainder of the year.