Excused vs. Unexcused Absences

Please review as updates were made to attendance policy on 12/15/2022

How to determine if an absence will be counted as excused or unexcused.

Within five days of returning to school, parents/guardians must use one of the following methods to report and provide a reason for a student absence:

  • Use the ParentVUE app for same-day and furture absences (preferred)
  • Email the student's alpha secretary (see list below), from one of the emails that is on file in the HUB
  • Call the school from a phone number that is on file in the HUB
  • Send in a written note with teh student upon their return to school, including a day time phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached and a signiture.

Absences are classified as excused based on the following reasons:

  • Personal illness of the student
  • Medical and dental appointments for the student
  • Death of immediate family member
  • Observation of a religious holiday
  • Emergency conditions in the student's home that require help from the student
  • Reasons of extenuating circumstances to be judged by the principal/designee
  • Short trips taken by the entire family when required because of caring for children, particularly if the trip is construed to be of educational value and could be made a part of the instructional program
  • Student participation in school-sponsored activities taking place during school hours
  • Required court appearance
  • Approved pre-arranged absences

Absences are classified as unexcused based on the following reasons:

  • All day truancy
  • Class truancy
  • Missing a ride or a bus
  • Unapproved pre-arranged absence
  • Failure to produce an appropriate explanation for absence

A Reminder About Absences:

  • At the third consecutive absence, a medical note is required ro excuse further absences
  • At the tenth absence (total count), a medical note is required for each additional absence for the remainder of the year.