AP Economics

Grades: 11-12

Credit: 1
This course fulfills the Economics and Personal Finance graduation requirement.

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation.

Description: Advanced Placement Economics will provide students a thorough understanding of basic economic concepts; the nature and functions of product and factor markets. Students will study the role of the government, as well as the concepts of efficiency and equity. Topics also include: measures of economic performance; national income and price determination; economic growth; international finance, exchange rates and balance of payments. In May, the students will take one or both Advanced Placement Economics Examinations (Microeconomics or Macroeconomics) to qualify for advanced standing and/or credit in college.

Teacher: Mr. DeRosa

Contact Information: [email protected] 
View Summer Assignment:

Summer Assignment

Students need to read the following two books over the summer:

    1. The Cartoon Introduction to Economics: Volume One - Microeconomics

      Authors: Grady Klien and Yoram Bauman (ISBN 978-080909813).

      Assignment: Write a one-page essay relating a situation either you or a family member has personally experienced, to two of the concepts discussed in the book.

      **This assignment will be due about 2 weeks after the start of school. (Official date will be given on the first day of school).

    2. Freakonomics Podcast: go to freakonomics.com

    Assignment: Listen to at least one Freakonomics podcast and write a one-page essay summarizing the podcast you listened to. Discuss key points from the podcast and highlight the important economic elements.

    **This assignment will be due in mid-September (about 4 weeks after the start of school). Official date will be given on the first day of school.

  • Students can purchase the book, check out from library (school or local), borrow, share, etc.