AP Environmental Science

Grades: 11-12

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Biology I; Chemistry I; Algebra II

Description: Advanced Placement Environmental Science utilizes students' mathematics and scientific skills in a systems approach to the environment. Major systems include aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, the atmosphere, and resource allocation/ distribution. In addition to laboratory work, some fieldwork is required. This course is in compliance with the Advanced Placement Environmental Science course description as set by the College Board. Since Earth Science I is not a mandated prerequisite for this course, students who have not taken Earth Science I will be required to take the Earth Science Standards of Learning assessment at the end of this course. Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement Environmental Science examination in May. With a satisfactory score, students may be eligible to receive some credit for college-level environmental science.

Teacher: Mr. Dagenhart

Contact Information: DagenhTV@pwcs.edu 

Summer Assignment: None, but I strongly encourage students to get out and see nature this summer. Perhaps visit a state or a National Park. Or maybe a student would benefit from touring a mine or a factory to see how our society actually works. Or visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, National Botanical Garden, or National Arboretum. So many interesting venues are so close by. Take pictures and share with us in class this fall. Secure your parents permission before you do any of these things. Have a great summer and I look forward to meeting you in the fall!