Grades: 10, 11, 12
Credit: 1
Prerequisite: None

Summer Assignment for students enrolled in the 2019-20 school year:
AP Seminar Summer Assignment PDF (click to access)

Please complete the brief assignments preceding each section in the provided PDF. You will find therein an array of resources, articles, and/or materials in each section. The sources provided are of varying degrees of credibility and relevance. Please review each, annotate where noted, and respond to the short prompts included. Please bring your completed packet to class at the start of school. We will use all of the materials in this collection for a variety of assignments and assessments during the first four weeks of class.

We hope that you're as enthusiastic about this class as we are and are gearing up for an enjoyable year (or two) working on your research, evaluation, inference, and writing skills. Keep in mind, there is no established content for this course. We will not read a boat-anchor textbook together. Rather, our work will focus on the procedural skills necessary to help you improve your writing, prepare to conduct high-level independent research, and enter college with inference, evaluation, and communication skills that will set you apart from other applicants for competitive university admissions and academics.

Please email Ms. Hostutler with any questions.

We hope you enjoy your summer and look forward to working with you next semester.


Robert Scott Megan Hostutler Alex Sturges

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