AP Studio Art

Grades: 11-12

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Completion of Art I and II with a "B" or better. MUST have teacher recommendation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND completion of Portfolio Prep prior to AP Art.

Description: The Advanced Placement studio studies are intended for the highly motivated students committed to serious study in art. Students should have completed Art I and II or have an art teacher recommendation for this course. This portfolio is intended to address a very broad interpretation of two-dimensional (2-D) design issues. This type of design involves purposeful decision-making about how the use of the elements and principles of art work in an integral way. This portfolio is comprised of 2 sections: Quality (5 actual works of art), Sustained Investigation (15 slides which reflect a series of art around a visual concept in 2-D Design/Drawing and accompanying process work). Actual works of art and slides are submitted for AP Examination review.

Teacher: Ms. Marshall-Greeson

Contact:  [email protected] 

What is AP Studio Art?

AP Studio : Art and Design addresses the following learning outcomes:
Students develop the ability to -
(1) conduct a sustained investigation through practice, experimentation, and revision, guided by questions.
(2) skillfully synthesize materials, processes, and ideas
(3) articulate, in writing, information about one's work.

What should I expect next year?

As in introductory college courses, you will need to work inside and outside the
classroom and beyond scheduled periods. Homework, such as maintaining a sketchbook or a journal, should support the depth of learning expected of AP students. Constructive, formative critiques-essential in college classes-are equally important in AP Art and Design. By observing, discussing, and analyzing works of art and design, students learn to evaluate their own and others' work based on relationships of materials, processes, and ideas.

Students are required to complete 15 pieces in a sustained investigation directed by individual interests and experiences based on inquiry."

What do I need?
• A new sketchbook - your choice of dimensions but it must be larger than an 8 x 8. Mixed media paper is recommended.
• Art supplies of your choice. Items you love, items you want to try, collage materials, found objects etc.
• One background piece (paper/canvas etc.)

What do I need to do this summer?
The AP Studio Summer assignment is designed to get you started on your sustained investigation and begin an open classroom environment of talking, reflecting, and writing about your artistic process, experiences, and initial investigation purpose.
Ongoing Online Critique

Join Edmodo - class code: 5bunvp

Each assignment will be posted on Edmodo. You are required to respond to AT LEAST 3 individual posts per assignment posting. You can also reflect, ask questions, get ideas, and use this as your online artistic support group. No judgment.

Assignment 1 : Due: June 21st/2019
• Write a list of 15 topics expressed as investigative questions you may wish to pursue this summer to begin your sustained investigation.
• Questions can be about media, skills, experiences, drawing matter - anything.
• Questions must be open ended (not answered by a yes or a no).
• Questions must start with "what if…", "how", or "why".
*you may continue to add to this list of questions as you are working. You can get rid of questions or edit questions. This is a working list.
This list must be attached as a file or a photo submitted to Edmodo.

Assignment 2 - 4 - Process Work due 7/5, 7/19, 8/2
Choose 1 question per investigation or for all 3 investigations. These investigations will prepare you for a finished piece.
Explore that question on a two-page spread in your sketchbook. The two-page spread must include
• An inspirational person/artist
• Written reflection on your process.
• Investigation of the chosen question by practicing/experimenting/sketching etc.
A photo must be attached to the Edmodo assignment submission by 11:59 p.m. on the date due.

Assignment 5 - Sustained Investigation #1 due 8/23
Formulate a final question developed from your previous investigations (it can be the same question) to direct your art making for a finished piece. This finished piece should be directly related to your investigation through subject matter, media exploration and a combination of both. Choose something you are drawn to and may begin your concentration/sustained investigation.
A photo must be attached to the Edmodo assignment submission by 11:59 p.m on the date due.

Critique 8/26 or 8/27
Each student will explain their summer investigation and Sustained Investigative piece. The investigative question, subsequent experimentation/practice and how it led to the piece of art will be discussed, then a group discussion will be held. As a critique member, you have the responsibility to give your classmates positive AND constructive criticism, record feedback for a fellow classmate, and give ideas/help when needed. You will be evaluated on your presentation AND your feedback (as you were on Edmodo over the summer).
ALL summer work and piece of art must be brought to school on THE FIRST CLASS DAY for critique.