Automotive Program

Osbourn Park High School's Automotive Technology

Specialty Program Application is Live!

The specialty program application is now live for all students. The application must be finalized by February 1, 2022. Please click here to access the application: Specialty Program Application

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist the student(s) in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to be a successful entry level Technician in the Automotive Industry and/or continue their education in a related occupational field.

Program Objectives

  • To emphasize quality work, interest, pride, and enthusiasm in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To increase student experiences in problem-solving, deductive reasoning, judgment, and decision-making skills within a team environment
  • To practice time management, planning, and organizational skills in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To demonstrate knowledge of automotive technology safety in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To work cooperatively with team members to complete assigned tasks in the context of real workplace responsibilities
  • To produce employable entry level technicians, with not only the skills and knowledge needed to succeed but also the character traits desired by employers in the Automotive community.


The Automotive Technology Program includes three courses: Introduction to Automotive Technology, Auto Technology I, and Auto Technology II. Students may begin the first course in this series in their sophomore year.

Introduction to Auto Tech

Introduction to Auto Tech is a one-credit course that will teach students the basics of shop safety and procedures, automotive care and automotive maintenance. The following topics will be covered: careers, hand tools, shop safety (floor jacks and jack stands), measuring, fasteners and gaskets, automotive math, service manuals and abbreviations, maintenance and fluid services (fluid checks and changes, belts and hoses), tires and wheels (balancing and changing), brake fundamentals and engine fundamentals. Students that successfully complete this course will need to submit an application in order to take Automotive Technology I.

Automotive Technology I

Automotive Technology I is a two credit course available to students who have successfully completed Introduction to Auto Tech. These students must apply through an application process. The course is designed to teach students the basics of shop safety and the day to day procedures associated with the Automotive industry. Designed to provide students with entry-level occupational skills in auto mechanics, Automotive Technology I provides students with a laboratory environment similar to those found in the automotive industry. This environment is used to teach students the basic concepts of automobile operation. Students will perform tasks involved in vehicle maintenance and servicing to include wheels and tires, steering and suspension, electrical (batteries, starters, alternators, lighting), brake system service, circuit protection and wiring, as well as basic engine fundamentals.

Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology II is a two-credit course available to students who successfully complete Auto Tech I. This second level course will provide students with a more in-depth study of previous sections including on the job auto mechanic experience. Students will study engine performance and major repairs as well as clutches, drive trains, and wheel alignments.


Admission is by application. Applications are available in the Guidance Department. Application deadline is February 1, 2018.

Application - Students must submit a completed application by the due date listed and limited spaces are available.

Student interested in Automotive Technology should see their School Counselor.