Principal's Advisory Council

The Principal's Advisory Council (PAC) is open to students, parents, and teachers. Meetings last no more than 90 minutes. At the beginning of each meeting there is an open chair time, where topics and questions can be asked to Mrs. Lisamarie Kane, the Principal. There are also agenda items that are discussed by the council. Osbourn Park's school strategic plan is discussed at great length in this meeting. Please come and join us! If you have any questions about PAC please feel free to ask! You can email Mrs. Lisamarie Kane, Principal at with any questions that you may have regarding Principal's Advisory Council. Hope to see you at our next meeting.

Currently All meetings are scheduled to be virtual.

Meeting Dates for 2023-2024 School Year


PAC President - Teresa Zencuch -  

SACI Representative - Emily Baisch - [email protected] 

Alternate SACI RepresentativeAdrianna Berk - [email protected] 

To attend the Principal Advisory Committee meetings, please contact Ms. Marie Emery ([email protected]).