Technology Tips for Students and Parents

For ALL Students

I don't have a ParentVUE account. How do I get one?

Contact the alpha secretary associated with the first letter of your child's last name.

  • Ms. Jaelly Martinez, Administrative Assistant to Mr. Grazier (Attendance for Last Names A - Caz), [email protected] 
  • Ms. Catherine Aponte, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Walton and Test Coordinator, (Attendance for Last Names Cb - Har) [email protected] 
  • Mrs. Tracy Spencer, Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Wilson-Keys (Attendance for Last Names Has-Miraj),  [email protected]
  • Mrs. Janet Jamison, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Allen (Attendance for Last Names Mirak-Rop), [email protected] 
  • Ms. Idella Hughes, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Gill (Attendance for Last Names Roq - Z), [email protected] 

I don't have a Canvas Parent Observer account. How do I get one?

Click here to access the Canvas parent portal and to request an account. The account request link is in the top right corner of the login window.

I was told to log into Canvas through the "waffle" or Clever?

The "waffle" is the menu button with nine dots in the upper left-hand corner inside of Microsoft Office online. Once a student logs into Microsoft Office, they click the "waffle" then "All apps" and Canvas and Clever are available.

How do parents log into Microsoft Office 365?

Login using your child's PWCS email and password via Microsoft Office 365.

I forgot my student password?

Self-reset is easy on the StudentVUE website. (Student username and student number are needed - available in ParentVUE under Student Info.)

We forgot our ParentVUE login?

Visit the ParentVUE website for self-reset.

My children share a device and Canvas/Zoom won't let them logout?

A Google Chrome user profile can be created for each member of the home who uses the shared computer. This will prevent the confusion between different logins and programs.

My child's schedule is wrong, or a course is wrong, my teacher's class isn't in Canvas, or Canvas doesn't match The Hub schedule?

  • Scheduling questions - contact your school counselor
  • Missing course in Canvas - contact your teacher and school counselor
  • Canvas doesn't match course schedule - submit a support ticket to [email protected] or call 703-791-8826 from 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

Visit the PWCS Help Desk webpage for further questions, Wi-Fi parking list, and contact information.