Attendance Procedures

1. If a Student is Absent From School

Within two days of returning to school, the student must present a written note, stating the reason for the absence, signed and dated by the parent/guardian with a daytime phone number. All notes must be submitted to the Appropriate Alpha Secretary. Notes submitted after two days must be approved by an Alpha Administrator. Absences are classified as excused based on the following reasons:

  • Personal illness of the student
  • Medical and dental appointments for the student
  • Death of immediate family member
  • Observation of a religious holiday
  • Emergency conditions in the student's home that require help from the student
  • Reasons of extenuating circumstances to be judged by the principal/designee
  • Short trips taken by the entire family when required because of caring for children, particularly if the trip is construed to be of educational value and could be made a part of the instructional program
  • Student participation in school-sponsored activities taking place during school hours
  • Required court appearance
  • Approved pre-arranged absences

Absences are classified as unexcused based on the following reasons:

  • All day truancy
  • Class truancy
  • Missing a ride or a bus
  • Disapproved pre-arranged absence
  • Failure to produce an appropriate explanation for absence

A doctor's note may be required by the school principal after a student has accrued ten or more absences for the school year.

2. Tardy to School

After 7:30 a.m., the student should report directly to his/her Alpha Secretary for a tardy slip. If the student has a dated, signed note from a parent/guardian with a valid excuse, he/she will receive an excused pass. This pass must then be shown to the student's teacher to be admitted to class. If the student does not bring a written valid note, he/she must still report to his/her Alpha Secretary and receive an unexcused tardy pass to be admitted to class.

If the student arrives after 1st period, he/she should report directly to his/her Alpha Secretary for a tardy pass.

A student has two days to submit a written explanation for an excused tardy. A student is considered unexcused unless a signed excuse is brought from the parent/guardian within two days and presented to the Alpha Secretary for verification. Upon verification from parent or guardian and acceptance from Alpha Administrator, student attendance will be updated.

Types of excused tardies are:

  • All items for excusing absences as listed in the previous section
  • Emergency situations arising from unusual weather conditions
  • All tardies from late buses

Promptness to class is very important. Students are to be in their seats and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. An unexcused tardy represents unexcused time away from class and students will not be allowed credit for any work missed.

Each semester period, tardies will be dealt with as follows:

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Warning and Parent Contact
3rd offense: One hour ASD
4th offense: Two hour ASD
5th offense: Four hour Saturday School Suspension

Any offense after the 5th offense will result in an additional Saturday School Suspension and possible parent conference with Alpha Administrator

*(ASD = After School Detention)
*(SSS = Saturday School Suspension)

3. Early Dismissals

All early dismissals will be coordinated through the appropriate alpha administrative secretary. A student should turn in a note from a parent/legal guardian to the appropriate alpha administrative secretary before school starts in the morning. The request must include a reason for leaving, time of dismissal, and parent/guardian's signature and telephone number. An early dismissal pass is written for the student only after verbal confirmation is received from a parent or guardian.

Students who do not follow proper procedure for checking in or out of school with the Alpha Secretary will receive an unexcused absence for each class missed and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students who leave school without gaining proper approval from school authorities, will receive a discipline referral for improper check out procedure. A parent may not excuse this type of absence after the fact.