Department Philosophy


The Osbourn Park School Counseling Department envisions that all students will aspire to be active leaders in a global society, fully engaged in striving for high academic achievement. Counselors in partnership with stakeholders will take advantage of the unique characteristics of our diverse community by providing a supportive, equitable, and innovative learning environment to empower students to reach their full potential.


The counselors at Osbourn Park High School will work to create a positive, culturally sensitive, and student-centered learning environment so that all students are empowered to make informed and intentional decisions about their education, health, and future. Counselors will work with students, staff, families, and community partners to develop a comprehensive program to address academic, career, and social-emotional learning. Counselors will also make sure that all students develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for long-term success and responsible, productive citizenship in a technologically advanced, global society.

We Believe...

  • All students have the capacity to learn and grow in the supportive environment provided at Osbourn Park High School.
  • School Counselors assist students to develop their potential by using our school community as a foundation and support system for student achievement.
  • School Counselors promote student self-exploration and encourage involvement in educational opportunities and extra-curricular activities.
  • Counselors will value, respect and encourage personal development, growth and confidence in all students.
  • Data is used to initiate and develop a comprehensive School Counseling Program in accordance with ASCA standards that provide and encourage academic achievement, personal growth, and career exploration.
  • School Counselors advocate for all our stakeholders, the clients we serve and the profession by making sure that we meet the needs of our diverse population.
  • The success students experience in high school will follow them into their future endeavors and lay the groundwork for continued success.