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SOL Online Review Resources
Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests
This website has practice tests for math and science SOLs. Choose whether you would like 5, 10, 20, or 40 test questions. Questions are scored instantly and may include an explanation for the correct answer.
Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning Released Tests
This website contains all released VDOE SOL tests. Follow the links by subject or year to access recently released tests or archived tests. Answer keys are found at the end of the tests.
Please note that VDOE has released very few questions from the new math test and no questions for the new science tests.
SOL Pass
This section of this website is devoted to high school SOL materials and does not require a password. Use the tabs on the left to access information on science, history, math, and English. The released tests are the same ones available on other websites. However, this website has an abundance of questions for Biology .