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The Pre-Governor’s School at Osbourn Park ([email protected]) is a preparatory program through which students will experience an accelerated Mathematics and Science course sequence. Students will have an opportunity to develop technical writing capacity and meet several graduation requirements to prepare them for success should they attend [email protected] in their eleventh and twelfth grade year.




Information Meetings:

UPDATE: The Specialty program information session for 1/10/22 has been cancelled. Please use the link below to access the webinar recording from November. We will be hosting an online Q&A sessions with dates and times to be announced.

 IF you have any questions about the PreGov program, please email [email protected] 

The Specialty Program Night Recording from November can be found by following the below link and entering the password below:  Specialty Program Webinar Recording

Password: D^67NW.#

Application Instructions

All specialty program applications will open on November 1st, 2022. The application to the Pre-Governors School at OPHS is a two-step process. 

Please visit the Specialty Program Webpage to complete the online transfer application. Make sure to select Pre-Governors School at OPHS as your first choice program if you want to be considered for selection. 

Students must submit a complete application packet to include the following components (all components will be submitted through the PWCS Specialty Program Application:

A completed specialty program application form (available online through

  • In order to be considered for the program, students must select the Pre-Governors School program as their first choice program.

Information sheet describing the student’s interests in research and experimentation

  • You may list up to 3 activities and honors. Any more than this will not be reviewed by the committee.

Student Essay

  • Students, please make sure to read through the rubric provided so that you understand what the evaluation panel will be looking for when reading your short essay
    • 3-Point Response
      • A detailed account of research or independent study is provided. Indication of self-directed study is evident along with some originality of approach.
      • The student identifies several valuable learning outcomes from the activity and is able to relate them to the study of science and math.   
      • Capacity to use scientific or engineering processes is evident with great autonomy and/or significant levels of initiative have been demonstrated in the pursuit of this study.
    • 2-Point Response
      • Involvement in additional scientific study or experimentation is clearly evident. The student identifies at least one valuable learning outcome from the activity. The student shows capacity to transfer learning to new settings. 
      • Capacity to use scientific or engineering processes is evident with some degree of autonomy. 
    • 1-Point Response
      • Some involvement in research/independent study described. Experience is either limited in relevance or scope, or no reflection of value was provided.
      • Student has an interest in additional scientific study. However, it is hard to determine the level of involvement and the level of independent study undertaken.  
  • The essay should be no longer than one-page typed
  • This will uploaded through the specialty programs dashboard after you have submitted your application. (view/add docs). Please upload your essay as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.

Two teacher recommendation forms.

  • These forms must be from your CURRENT math and science teachers.
  • You will enter your teacher's email addresses into the application and the recommendation form will be emailed to them.
  • The application software will only require one teacher. You MUST add a second teacher. Applications will only be considered if there are recommendations from your current math AND current science teachers.

Program Coordinator -Lindsey Walton

School Counselor - Ellen Pashiardis 

Contact us: [email protected] or (703)365-6500