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Osbourn Park NJROTC

"The Journey is the Reward"

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LCDR James Ogawa
GMC Darrick Williams

NJROTC is a cadet run organization that teaches basic leadership, discipline, self-confidence, and encourages team work. Cadets are taught basic military knowledge, physical fitness/healthy life-style, platoon drill, with academics focused on individual and organizational leadership. Cadets are given opportunities to gain leadership roles and join JROTC teams. The main focus of our unit is on leadership development and skills that are important in ANY leadership, whether it be in corporate/civilian leadership as well as those considering serving. There is absolutely no obligation to join the military with taking the JROTC courses, but cadets receive multiple benefits if they do decide to join any of the services.

National NJROTC Invitational Championships!

Three times in a row!  Congratulations for qualifying for Navy Nationals again for 2019!

In 2016-2017, OP's NJROTC became the first unit from Northern Virginia to ever qualify for their service's National Athletic, Academic, and Drill Competition and competed with the top 26 NJROTC units in the nation in Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida!

College Scholarships!

Congratulations to the following cadets:

  • Andres, Jacob:
    • Air Force 4 year in-state ROTC scholarship worth $60k to George Mason U.
  • Averna, Hadleigh:
    • Navy Four year National ROTC scholarship worth $180K to Virginia Tech.
    • Army 3 year National ROTC scholarship worth $50K to Virginia Tech.
  • Freeman, Mia:
    • Navy Four year National ROTC scholarship worth $180K to University of NC, Chapel Hill.
    • Army 4 year National ROTC scholarship worth $180K to the College of William and Mary.
    • Air Force 4 year in-state ROTC scholarship worth $60K to U of MD, College Park.
  • Keophanboua, Lance:
    • Army 3 year National ROTC scholarship worth $50K to George Mason U.
  • Slezak, Joseph:
    • Army 4 year National ROTC scholarship worth $180K to VMI.

View list of OP Cadets successfully competing for College Scholarships!

About our program

I would like to make clear that our program is not a recruiting program for the Armed Forces, Reserves, or the National Guard.  We are a citizenship development program centered on classroom academics, community service and competitive activities.  The Navy JROTC program’s overall goal is to help students go on to college or professions, and to transition successfully into productive citizens following high school.

There are really two parts of our Navy JROTC program: Part one - Classroom Academics/Activities, and Part two - the extra-curricular leadership development part.  A cadet may choose to do well in the classroom along with the required community service and parade requirements only.  The classroom requirements results in a class grade and counts as a technical credit.  However, in order to promote and gain leadership opportunities, a cadet must participate in extra-curricular promotion training and testing, as well as in extra-curricular events such as Drill, Color Guard, Athletics, Air Rifle, Orienteering, or Academics.  Regarding conflicts with varsity sports or other student activities at OP, all the coaches and club sponsors at OP know that there are lots of commitments and we all do our best to make it work without over committing the student...  However, we do want our cadets to be able to support OP’s school activities.  While we do need dedicated cadets on our drill, athletics, orienteering, air rifle, academic, and Cyber Patriot teams, cadets are encouraged to support their sports or student activities and rejoin the cadet teams or activities when able.  We are a large enough unit (140+ cadets) and the teams usually have enough cadets to fill-in and keep the teams competitive when a cadets' varsity or JV sport goes "in season".  However, it may not be so easy to walk back onto a team spot due to the need to maintain "chemistry" for some teams like the drill team.  Obviously, some skills often degrade for those taking time away from the air rifle team, etc...  All of our after school activities are voluntary...  However, the after school activities tend to be the pathway towards leadership within our NJROTC Unit. 

As a member of the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, we are dedicated to the core values of honor, courage, and commitment to build the foundation of trust and leadership upon which the unit is built.  These are the principles, which give us strength and guide us in our daily activities.

About the Curriculum

In general, here at OP, our emphasis is on leadership.  However, we include two mandatory cycles of physical fitness, armed and unarmed drill, and wide variety of other topics; the course specifics for each of our Naval Science courses can be found online.

Interested in Transferring to Osbourn Park for NJROTC?

Students whose base high school is Colgan HS automatically qualify for transfer to OP for NJROTC once their NJROTC application and PWCS Student Transfer Form have been approved. View details and application on the Student Transfer Request Procedures page to start the process; deadline is 30 April!  Please contact OP's NJROTC to start the process.

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