Welcome to the Osbourn Park High School Library!

Librarians: Mrs. Rheetha Lawlor and Mrs. Jen Coleman
Library Secretary: Mrs. Maria Grimsley
We miss you! 

Our official hours for Library are Fridays from 11-2. We will be checking our email often for any questions or if you just want to see another face. But we will also be available during the week as well. See below for the email addresses.

Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Lawlor will be available for any video session if you need help with resources. Send us an email and we will add you to Microsoft Teams.
Mrs. Lawlor- lawlorrl@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Coleman- colemaja@pwcs.edu

All overdue fines and printing charges have been deleted. If you receive any emails from the library, it should be ONLY if you have a book out or a lost/damaged book. If you receive an email you feel is in error, please contact Mrs. Lawlor and Mrs. Coleman.

Until then, keep reading! 

Also, click on the "databases" tab and "virtual library" for resources.


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PWC Public Library Catalog

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