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Greetings Yellow Jackets! I am excited to start my 15th year in education and my 13th year at Osbourn Park. I've been a Business and Marketing teacher, Specialty Program Coordinator, and now Assistant Principal during my time here at OP. I am also a graduate of OPHS, though that was quite a while ago! OP is an exceptional school with an outstanding faculty and staff. I am so thankful to work with some of the best teachers in the country who give all they have to see our students succeed. OP is  such a special school to be a part of and I hope that each student learns as much as they can and has a great time working with such wonderful fellow students and teachers. Remember, Once a Jacket, Always a Jacket! 

Departments & Staff

Social Studies Department
English Learner Department
Parent Liaison
Administrative Assistant

Student Services

Students, Alpha CF-G
12th Grade Liaison
Biotechnology & Engineering Advisor: assist with scheduling and parent concerns

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Teacher Mentorship
Biotechnology & Engineering Coordination
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Graduation Liaison

Community Relations

Biotechnology & Engineering Advisory Counsel
Biotechnology & Engineering Website & Program (Summer and Year Long)