PWCS Generic Student Login Expires 6/16/21
Posted on 06/01/2021

All students using the generic pwcsstudent account to login to their PWCS device will not be able to access the account or their device after 6/16/21.

Why is this important? If you are still using this account, your PWCS borrowed device will no longer be accessible. Moving forward all students need to login with their personal PWCS credentials.

To continue use of your school issued device after June 16, 2021 report to the PWCS school nearest your home and connect to the outdoor WiFi. Here is a list of WiFi locations. 

Once you are on site:

  1. Connect to the PWCS WiFi
  2. Shutdown the computer and restart it
  3. Login to the device with your personal PWCS account
  4. Once the computer is logged in and connected to the internet, you will keep access to your device and can head back home

* In-person students should complete this action immediately.

If you require support, please stop by the school from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM Monday-Friday until June 11.