Need Help?
Posted on 09/08/2020

Did your PWCS password expire? Use the PWCS Toolbox to reset your password

Visit the Tech Tips for Students & Parents page of our website for common technology related issues, such as:

  • Unable to login to your PWCS laptop?
  • Don't have a ParentVUE Account?
  • Don't have a Canvas Parent Observer Account?
  • How do I login to Canvas or Zoom?
  • I was told to log into Canvas and Zoom through the "Waffle" or Clever?
  • How do I log into Microsoft Office 365?
  • I forgot my student password?
  • We forgot our ParentVUE login?
  • How can I change my child's name on Zoom?
  • My children share a device and Canvas/Zoom won't let them logout?
  • My child's schedule is wrong, a course is wrong, my teacher's class isn't in Canvas, or Canvas doesn't match the Hub schedule?