Need Help?
Posted on 09/08/2020

New links have been added to the students and parents buttons on our website to help you troubleshoot through common virtual learning problems. These links can be found under the Virtual Learning section. 

image of students and parents button

New Link! Tech Tips for Students & Parents

  • Unable to login to your PWCS laptop?
  • Don't have a ParentVUE Account?
  • Don't have a Canvas Parent Observer Account?
  • How do I login to Canvas or Zoom?
  • I was told to log into Canvas and Zoom through the "Waffle" or Clever?
  • How do I log into Microsoft Office 365?
  • I forgot my student password?
  • We forgot our ParentVUE login?
  • How can I change my child's name on Zoom?
  • My children share a device and Canvas/Zoom won't let them logout?
  • My child's schedule is wrong, a course is wrong, my teacher's class isn't in Canvas, or Canvas doesn't match the Hub schedule?

New Link! Request Tech Support

  • If the tips in the link above do not solve your problem or answer your question, please send a help request to and the appropriate school based contact will be notified.