End of Year Tech Tasks for ALL OPHS Students
Posted on 06/09/2021
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Below you will find a list of technology tasks to wrap up the school year. Complete the following tasks to ensure you are organized and ready to continue your digital learning journey at OP and beyond!






Underclassmen Technology Tasks

Organize, Cleanup and Download Your Work.

  1. Want to keep the work you submitted through Canvas?
  2. OneDrive: Organize and Backup Your Files
    •  The best practice is to save all files in organized OneDrive folders.
    • It is easier and more efficient to submit your digital work in Canvas if your OneDrive files are organized. Additionally, any files saved directly on the computer are at risk of being erased or lost if the device is damaged. 
    • See the Underclassmen Tech Tasks announcement in the OPHS-Student course for directions.

Check-out Your PWCS Issued Laptop
To borrow the laptop over the summer, click here to submit the summer loan form.


Senior Technology Tasks

Want to take your work with you? Student accounts will be deleted on June 30. Organize, cleanup and download your work.

Return your loaned PWCS laptop.

  • Submit the device to your 6th/7th period teacher once all assignments are complete OR return the device at the Senior Hive Drive on June 3 from 2:00PM to 5:00PM
  • This includes the laptop, charging cord, and the carrying sleeve
  • Devices will be scanned for damage at the time of return. Damage and loss fees are as follows:
    • Missing charger: $30
    • Broken Screen: $50-$460
    • Broken Device: Up to $460
    • Lost/Missing Device: $460