Bee in the Know

Week of September 13, 2020

We did it! Week one is in the books and as we prepare for week two of our virtual world, let’s reflect on the positives of the week. Yes, there may have been some glitches with Zoom, Nearpod or Flipgrid here and there, but for the majority of the time, our OP students were able to meet their teachers and begin to dive into the 2020-21 school year. Instruction and communication are key. If we focus on these two concepts, we will be on our way to success this school year.

ParentVUE/Return to Learn Packet

All the materials that are usually sent home on the first day of school will be included in the Return to Learn Packet available in ParentVUE. Please make sure to complete the Return to Learn Packet by Friday, September 18. If you have questions about your ParentVue account or are having issues accessing your account, please call the school and one of our office staff can help.

The link with instructions on how to complete your Return to Learn Packet is located here.

Virtual Back to School Night

Please click this link to view the OPHS Virtual Back to School Night. Meet your teachers and learn all about OP!

Library Curbside Pickup

The library is offering curbside library days to pick up and drop off books. We are also coordinating with other schools which may be closer to you to pick up and drop off books. Please self-enroll to the Library Canvas Page  to find out more.

Technology Help

If you have any technology questions, you can: · Visit a website created by PWCS ITCs to help students and parents with the transition to remote learning. · Contact the IT help desk by calling 703.791.8826 or emailing · Use this to reset your password if needed.

OPHS-Student 2020_21 Canvas Course

All students should have access to the OPHS-Student 2020_21 Canvas Course. This will be your go-to for any information you might need, including helpful tips for Canvas and Zoom, password reset help, and links to the Code of Behavior and Student Handbook. Keep checking this course as we will be adding new information and resources throughout the year.

Physical and Concussion Training Forms Collection

There will be a drive-thru physical and concussion training forms collection on the following days for the following teams:

Tuesday 9/15 (All Winter Sports, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Golf)  4-5:30 in the Drivers Ed Lot

Thursday 9/17 (All Winter AND Fall Sports)  4-5:30 in the Drivers Ed Lot

Please make sure all pages of the physical are signed and dated appropriately and the correct physical form has been used.   ALSO...make sure you have a stamp (usually their address) from your Dr. Office verifying the visit.

VHSL Physical Form

Please make sure you have completed your PWCS required online concussion training and printed off the completion form.

Please make sure you bring both forms and turn them in together 

Additional Collection days will be available and announced via the OP Athletics Twitter (@opjackets) and the web site.

PWCS Food and Nutrition Details for First Marking Period

This is a Free Meal Benefits program for all PWCS families. OPHS has been approved as a distribution site and distribution will be from 12 noon – 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursday.

In-person Students

  • All student meals until December 31 will be FREE.
  • All students will be sent home with a sack lunch on Friday to cover Monday.

Virtual Students

  • Families will have the option to pick-up a full or half weeks’ worth of grocery supplements (whole fruit, dairy, loafs of bread, packages of cheese, etc.)
  • Distribution will take place along the kiss and ride circle, not the bus lane. There will be signage in place to help direct families to the correct pick-up location.

Free and Reduced Lunch

If you have qualified and receive free and reduced lunch in the past, you will need to complete the form every school year. In preparation for a potential return to face-to-face learning, we ask that all students who qualify complete the form in advance. You can find the free and reduced lunch form as well as other information on PWCS food and nutrition services.

What’s Good? – Teachers Share Successes in their Classes From the First Week of School

“Overall, I was so impressed by the high attendance rates and the lack of panicked emails! The kids are already working on their introductory assignments (to practice using the technology) and are even emailing me with questions rather than just hiding. Even during a pandemic, this was a lot less chaotic than what I experienced during some previous years of hybrid instruction. It definitely shows how hard everyone has been working, especially with the strong communication leading up to the start of school. I finished my first day feeling good!”

“A couple positives about my day-- perfect attendance in my 6th, the kids were very active and friendly to each other in the chat, and I managed to do an individual breakout room meeting for nearly every kid in my 6th! During my 4th block I used and all the kids willingly participated in answering questions using it, and the kids are leaving great, supportive messages on each other's videos in Canvas discussions.”

“Teachers in the Social Studies department are having students create introductory videos of themselves on Flipgrid. It's been awesome so far!”

“One thing that my students have really liked so far is the Poll feature in Zoom. I used it to check in on each student to see how they did on their first day of virtual learning and how they felt about virtual learning in general. The students especially liked when I shared the results.”

“Breakout Rooms during a Get to Know You activity. The videos were on, students were unmuted, and they were TALKING to each other!!! Also, an anonymous collaborate board! Awesome questions when students were anonymous.”

"I had my kids introduce themselves in Spanish during the zoom meeting and used that as a way to learn how to say their name and take role.. I wrote up a simple script for the Spanish 2s and had questions up for the level 4 kids to answer. Everyone participated, no one refused. I helped them as needed and tried to keep it light, but I wanted them to say something and use their mics."

"Everything went well today. My students were able to go on a class assignment today (Text Entry) and most of them were able to do it without my help. I had to help a few. They submitted their assignments successfully."

"It went well and I am impressed with attendance, missing two at most in my classes. Technology worked well and I felt more comfortable today. I took attendance as they came in while playing a music video and it works really well. I told them that I will do that every day. I also used the video recording for my AP class and I love it, it is easy to see and easy to grade and give feedback."

"Today I gave my students a 5-minute break in the middle of the lesson and told them to get up and STRETCH!"

"Today I asked my students to make short video recordings of themselves answering several questions in Spanish within Canvas. This not only helped me to get to know them and see what they look like (since many are not showing their videos), but also to hear them speak in Spanish! Also, upon visiting a break-out room, I saw that a smaller group of 3 students had decided to turn on their videos as they worked collaboratively. Working in smaller groups seems to quickly lower that affective filter!"

“We had the students practice learning various parts of zoom - mute and unmute, posting something in the group chat, writing their age in a private chat to either Lydia or myself, and using the reactions. Students were given an assignment to email their 4th period teacher to help them learn how to use email appropriately. We utilized the breakout rooms in English to create two smaller groups for discussions of the story that was read aloud. One teacher lead one of the breakout rooms to touch base with some of her speech students.”

Finally, thank you to parents, students, and staff for your dedication, patience, and support! This was a most bizarre first week of school, one that we will never forget! I am so proud to be a part of this Yellow Jacket community!


Lisamarie Kane, Principal