Bee in the Know

Week of October 25, 2020

We are in the home stretch for quarter one and although we have made some adjustments and are still navigating the virtual world, we are proud of our students! Students, as you prepare for your quarter assessments, remember that not only are you getting ready for quarter two, you are also preparing for time with family during our Thanksgiving and Winter holidays so there is so much to look forward to.

Please don’t forget to switch your clocks on Sunday, November 1 (Fall back an hour for daylight savings.) It’s also a good time to think about changing batteries in smoke alarms. Here are some important dates to keep you informed of what to expect in the coming weeks:


Good communication is essential to learning. Body language and visual cues are a substantial part of the teacher-student learning interaction. To ensure that students are engaged and teachers are able to be responsive to the needs of their students, cameras are expected to be on whenever it is possible or practicable. Students and/or parents of students with unique circumstances, related to their environment, personal needs, or technology, that make an on-camera presence not practical are asked to confer with their teacher(s) and/or school administrator so accommodations can be made to ensure that the student(s) will be properly engaged and participating in lessons while not visible to the teacher. Otherwise, cameras should be on and students visually present for live virtual lessons. Students are welcome to use one of the pre-loaded backgrounds so that only their person is visible on the screen. Here is the link from the division that discusses the new expectation:

Students are reminded that they are expected to adhere to all Virtual Behavior Expectations outlined on pages 14 and 15 in the Student Handbook. (Link to handbook here: Any student who violates these expectations or participates in cyberbullying will be immediately referred to administration with a discipline referral. Consequences range from mediation to revocation of live Zoom privileges. Let's remember to be kind and if you see cyberbullying, say something to your teacher, parent, or administrator immediately.


1. PWCS has some important system updates that need to be applied by rebooting. IT does not want to force reboots and disrupt teaching and learning, we want students and teachers to do this soon, but when convenient for you. Students and teachers using PWCS laptops are asked to reboot their computers at home when done using them for the day in order for important system updates to be applied. This should be done no later than Sunday, October 25th, and only needs to be done once. Please do not use the restart feature. Choose the shutdown option and then wait 10 - 20 seconds before starting up the device.

2. Need Assistance with troubleshooting your PWCS device or a PWCS digital tool? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the PWCS tech team for support. Utilize any of the following options to request support:

  a. Contact the tech team by email at Your request will be placed in a queue in the order received and transferred to the appropriate support contact.

  b. Contact the PWCS Help Desk at 703.791.8826, Monday-Friday, from 7AM to 4:30PM. They will route your request to the appropriate support contact. If the contact is not available, they will submit a support ticket on your behalf.

  c. Make an appointment to stop by OPHS and work with a member of the tech team. Between 8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday, a member of the OPHS technology department is often on site but is occasionally called to support other locations. To ensure the staff member is available to support you, please call ahead and ask to make an appointment.


Math Honor Society is now offering Peer Tutoring in Zoom!

Tutoring is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2:50-3:30 in Zoom at:

No sign-up is necessary. Students needing help will work in breakout rooms with peers to assist them. Come ready to share your virtual documents! (Tutoring is available M, Tu, Th 2:50-3:30 on both asynchronous and synchronous days, but NOT on holidays and teacher workdays.)

RED RIBBON WEEK @ OPHS – October 26-30

After 6 weeks of school, we all need a little fun and school spirit! Osbourn Park’s Red Ribbon Week starts on October 26th - 30th. Red Ribbon Week is when we focus on drug abuse awareness and prevention. Once again, we will be having a Red Ribbon Spirit Week. Only this time it will be virtual! Make sure to take pictures, post on social media, use #OPHSREDRIBBONWEEK and tag @OPHCHY on Twitter and Instagram! The spirt days are below:

Monday – School Colors Day
Wear school colors to show that being drug free is important for your academics!

Tuesday – Twin Day
Dress like a friend or a family member to show that being drug free is important in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe!

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday
Wear your wackiest outfit to show that you can have fun without drugs!

Thursday – Jersey Day
Wear your favorite jersey to show that being drug free is important for your health and keeping physically fit!

Friday – Red Ribbon Day
Wear red to celebrate Red Ribbon Week and pledging to be drug free!

In addition to participating in the spirit week, other ways to participate are by recording a short video on why you stay drug free or why it is important to stay drug free. All videos can be submitted to and will be posted on our social media! You can also show support for Red Ribbon Week by changing your picture on Canvas to a red ribbon! We encourage all students, staff, and OP families to participate! We can’t wait to see all your pictures and videos!


“In Nutrition & Wellness class, this week was all about Mental Wellness! We learned the difference between negative and positive coping strategies for stress, and talked about the importance of resiliency. We have learned how to make stress balls, lava lamps/calming bottles, and how to do guided meditation. The students worked in groups to create a positive message board with inspirational quotes, and I challenged them to start their own gratitude journal or jar. We also played a fun scavenger hunt game...such great competition and so many laughs! Laughter = less stress! Now is an especially important time for everyone to be focusing on their mental and emotional wellness!” ~ Christina Mullins

"I've been using various slides to gauge students' levels of understanding, providing a variety of breakout rooms with different levels of communication, and encouraging my students to make their presence known by saying hello to the class!" ~ Teresa Torgoff

“For our library class students we are doing scavenger hunts with the kiddos. We have our students find a book using newly learned resources from our catalog. We give them a topic, then they research and direct us where to find that book. We do it in breakout rooms and make it a race.” ~ Rheetha Lawlor

“Who says we can't still compete? Not the 30+ students on the Math Competition Team! Over the past 3 weeks we have "scrimmaged" with individual and group play against teams from Arizona, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The team from Arizona even played us during their lunch so that we could have real-time interaction! Tournament bracket play begins next week.” ~ Tonia Allen

Encouraging quote shared by school counselor, Lawrence Turner: “Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” ~ Benjamin Spock