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Week of May 23, 2021

May is Mental Health awareness month. This has been a challenging school year for everyone. Please take a moment to check on the people around you and take time to care for your own mental health. We have a wonderful team of counselors here at OP who have knowledge and resources to help if you need to reach out to someone.

We are only two weeks away from graduation and three weeks away from the start of summer break. This edition of the Bee in the Know is aimed to help ensure a smooth finish to the year and to help us plan for an awesome 2021-22 school year.


IMPORTANT: Survey for Next Year

All parents will be receiving a survey from the county this week with the option to choose either in-person learning or virtual only learning for the 2021-22 school year for your student(s). This survey must be completed by Friday, May 28th. If you do not complete the survey, your student will be scheduled for in-person learning. Please review the expectations for virtual learning next year before making your decision:

2021-22 Virtual Schoolhouse

Course Expectations


  • Course attendance will be conducted the same as in-person students.
  • Students must arrive on time.
  • Only students with their camera on shall be marked present.

Students may turn their cameras off from time to time as needed. However, must turn them back on within a few minutes and if called on must respond to the teacher promptly.

  • Students who are absent for one period of the day or leave the classroom prior to dismissal will receive a referral for a class cut.
  • Students may submit excused notes for illness or technical issues.
  • Students with ten or more excused notes will require approval from a physical or building administrator to excuse further absences.


  • Students will be required to complete the same work as their in-person peers.
  • Students can expect in-class formative assessments and out of class homework.

Only assignments assigned for out of class will be counted towards the PWCS homework regulation.

  • Course pacing will be the same as in-person classes.


  • Students may be required to attend in-person for end of course assessments such as SOL and AP testing, to CTE certifications as needed.


Final Weeks of the Year for Underclassmen

All underclassmen will need to complete and turn in any missing assignments from marking periods 1, 2, 3 by Friday, June 4th. If an underclassman is finished with all assignments and happy with their year grade, they will be done with the class on Friday, June 4th and there will be no requirement to attend classes synchronously or asynchronously the following week.

Tuesday, June 8 - Friday, June 11 will be used for underclassmen who need to work on missing MK4 assignments, any project/special assignment a teacher has given a student to increase their grade, or final exam. Students who have been participating in in-person instruction may continue to do following your current schedule.


Senior Survey

The senior survey is due Monday, May 31st. Please go to your Naviance home page to find the survey link. All seniors in PWCS must complete the survey before graduation. If you need a final transcript to be sent to any post-secondary institution you will include this information in the survey.



Students course requests for 2021-22 were sent via School Messenger. Please keep in mind that these are course requests, not the official schedule, as course offerings may change due to staffing or scheduling conflicts.

If you need to make changes to your courses or alternate requests, please print the form, make the necessary changes, sign, date, and email the form to your OPHS school counselor by Friday, May 28, 2021. Changes will only be made if space is available in the requested course and the student meets all the course's prerequisites. There is no need to take any further action if the course requests are correct. Contact information for counselors can be found on the OPHS Counseling website.


Underclassmen Technology Tasks

We are almost there, the end of the school year is in sight. You've done an amazing job learning virtually.  Now, it's time to create a new habit - cleaning up your digital workspace at the end of the year.  Below you will find a list of technology tasks to wrap up the school year. Complete the following tasks to ensure you are organized and ready to continue your digital learning journey.

Organize, Cleanup and Download Your Work

  1. Want to keep the work you submitted through Canvas?
  1. OneDrive: Organize and Backup Your Files

Preparing Devices for Next Year

  1. All underclassmen students will complete a survey in English classes this week to update loaner agreement forms.
  2. In order for devices to be updated and refreshed in preparation for the 21-22 school year, Underclassmen students who are not participating in a summer school program need to return any school issued devices. Students are encouraged to do so during the June 9th or June 10th Hive Drives if all schoolwork is completed. Students who need to use their device to complete assignments or assessments can return the device to OP during the following week.

If you need tech support, submit a support ticket here or stop by the main entrance from 7:30AM-3:00PM, Monday-Friday, and someone will be contacted to come support you.


Hive Drives

OPHS will be hosting two Hive Drives for students to drop off borrowed items and for seniors to pick up cords. Dates are below, additional details will be shared through community messages.

  • Senior Hive Drive – Thursday June 3, 2-5pm
  • Underclassmen Hive Drive – June 9 and June 10, 3-5pm


AP Testing


The following information reviews the AP testing schedule and important logistics necessary for you to take your AP Test.

  1. Please make sure to LOGIN into your MYAP to check your exam dates/times.
  2. If you have not already done so, please download the AP Digital Testing Exam app. This needs to be done ASAP to ensure you are set for the AP Exam. If you do not, you will not be able to test. Please remember the exam must be taken on a laptop or desktop, not a phone or tablet. Also, you must take all exams on the SAME device. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TEST IF THIS STEP IS NOT COMPLETED.

If you have a personal computer, download the APP by following the instructions found here: Please log in after download.

If you have a school computer, you need to go to a school parking lot and connect to WiFi and download the APP from the software center. To download the app, go to the Software Center that you can access through the Windows search button at the left and bottom of your computer screen. You should see the AP Exam app on the top left of the list of apps available. Click on that app and download and you should be good for the next step.

After you have the AP Digital Testing app you should run the demo and/or practice to be familiar with the app prior to the exam. Set up is done 1-3 days before the exam.

Please do not wait to do this. You must have the APP to take the AP Exam.


  • If you are a student with an accommodation and are taking your AP test(s) at home, the accommodation will be embedded directly into the test (for example, if you get 50% more time, the time will be offered directly into the timer.) Collegeboard has the list and accommodations for all students who qualify.
  • All students who have digital at home AP tests should plan to be at home the entire day. Students can be asynchronous on the day of their test, but any student may opt to attend their classes. Please note, those students who are hybrid in-person, should plan to be at home on the day of their AP tests and if going to class that day, should attend virtually.
  • Students who are taking in-person tests should arrive at OP ½ hour before their test (if 8 am, arrive at 7:30 am, if 12 pm test, arrive at 11:30 am) and should bring the following:
    • Student ID – a driver’s license or school picture ID will suffice.

    • 2 #2 pencils and 2 blue or black pens.

    • A snack and water

    • Please bring those items necessary for your specific AP test (calculator, ruler, etc.)

    • No phones should be at the site

  • Students testing digitally at home should plan to log in 30 minutes before their test time to begin the digital check-in procedures. Digital tests will begin right on time whether or not a student has finished checking in. If they wait to check in, they will lose working time.

Next, here is the schedule for testing in Administration 2 and Administration 3: ALL STUDENTS WHO ARE TAKING DIGITAL TESTS WILL TAKE THOSE TESTS AT HOME (DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL TO TAKE THE TEST(S) DIGITALLY.)



Attention Seniors

InsideNOVA is featuring all PWCS Seniors again this year in their June 10th issue. If you would like to be featured in InsideNOVA, please follow the link below and submit your photo. The photo can be your Senior Portrait, or any other photo you choose of yourself, as well as a short write-up on your plans after high school. This is FREE for all Seniors in the county and a great way to celebrate all the hard work you have done these past 4 years.

All photos must be submitted by May 28th.

We cannot wait to see all your faces featured for Northern Virginia to see and celebrate you!

Link to InsideNOVA article


Congratulations to Xavier D’Alesandro

Congratulations to Xavier D'Alesandro who has been selected to participate in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Abroad program for the 2021-22 academic year, in Malaysia. Xavier will be at the forefront of citizen diplomacy, and will get to develop the skills necessary to be a leader in the global community. His selection is truly impressive as the application and screening process was incredibly rigorous. We know he will make us #OPproud!


Mental Health Awareness Month

This week for Mental Health Awareness Month, we are highlighting Minority Mental Health, Strength Over Silence stories. Mental health conditions do not discriminate based on race, color, gender or identity.

Lorenzo Lewis. Approximately 17% of Black adults struggle with mental illness however, less than half seek medical support. Lorenzo Lewis is helping to support the Black Community by creating The Confess Project where he uses barbershops across the country as platforms to start conversations about mental health and spread hope and healing in the black community.

See Lorenzo's Story Here

A.J. Mendez. 18% of Hispanic/Lantinx adults are affected by mental illness and some researchers suggest the negative stigma in minority cultures is leading to a silent epidemic among Hispanic and Latinx communities. A.J. Mendez, author and former WWE wrestler has decided to label her bipolar disorder as a superpower and become a mental health advocate rather than use it as a roadblock to a successful life.

See A.J.'s Story Here

Rosemary Ketchum is the first-ever politically elected trans woman in the state of West Virginia, gaining national attention. She runs the NAMI Wheeling West Virginia drop-in-center and is the youngest person at age 26 to be on their board of directors. She has extensive family experience with mental health and addiction. She addresses the need for LGBTQ+ people to have a place in the room advocating for social change and a stigma-free world.

See Rosemary's Story Here


SCA School Supply Drive

Volunteers and Donations Needed- School Supply Drive

The community service committee of SCA is hosting a school supply drive on June 1 and June 3-4 from 6-8 p.m. and they need volunteers for it. Being there physically and donating can count towards hours in Key Club, Biotech hours, French Honor Society, and more. For more information and to sign up, click the link below. You can also donate now through our Amazon Wish List

**Volunteer Submission Form**


Leukemia Lymphoma Society Cords

Students, use the link below to donate to LLS. A five dollar donation comes with a cord for graduation. Contact Hanaan Khabir,, with any questions.

Purchase a LLS Cord


A word from the OP Library


Looking for something
to read over the summer?

Complete the tic tac toe (read 3 different books in a line) and when you return next year to school, come in and tell Mrs. Lawlor or Mrs. Coleman, and you will get a candy bar of your choice (and we aren’t talking the fun size! We will make it worth your time 


Print (real books) resources

  1. The OP library. Click here to access our online catalog. Please contact if you would like Icon
    Description automatically generatedto check out a book over the summer.
    • To use your smartphone for the ebooks and audiobooks, download the Destiny Discover app
    • You can also put books on hold for when you return to school
  2. The Prince William County Library . Click here for a PW library card. The best option is to get an actual card as there are more resources that way, but there is also the digital card for e-books and resources

Digital and/or audio books

  1. JLG. Go to 
    • Icon
        Description automatically generatedLogin: ophslibrary
    • Password: 8909jackets
    • If you want to keep a book and bookmark it (remember, there is a time limit), then login with your email and your password is your student ID#
    • To use your smartphone or tablet, download the JLG app
  2. PW Public Library
    • Icon
        Description automatically generatedLibby or Overdrive- There are so many books, but the check out is like a regular library book and if someone has the digital copy, you have to put it on hold.  You can also download this to a Kindle or Kindle app.
      • To use your smartphone or tablet, download the Libby app
    • Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message
        Description automatically generatedHoopla- you can check out up to 10 books a month (3 week check out), and you don't need to put any books on hold.  
      • To use your smartphone or tablet, download the Hoopla app
  3. Sora
    • A picture containing text
        Description automatically generatedFirst login through Clever from Office365, or type in the code: PWCSVA
    • Then login with your Office365 information. 
    • Use filters to find what suits you the best.
    • To use your smartphone or tablet,  download the Sora App


OP Athletics


Have a great week, everyone!

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