Bee in the Know

Week of June 6, 2021

Last night, we were proud to attend the graduation of our Class of 2021. It was a great honor for me, and I know our seniors are off to achieve great things! Senior Class, we wish you all the best! To our returning students, please enjoy your summer! Read, relax, help your parents, get a summer job, etc! We are looking forward to seeing you next year!

As I wrap up my first year of being principal, I wish to share this with you. Someone recently asked me if being at OP was everything I thought it would be. Honestly, no it hasn’t been. It has been better….so much better…than I ever could have hoped. And I love it here! Our teachers learned Canvas as they changed lessons from in-person to virtual, put on a smile and greeted black boxes each and every day. One teacher cried last week as she said bye to those boxes during one of her last classes. Another teacher this year asked three of her current students to reach out to a new classmate because it is difficult to make new friends during virtual learning. One English teacher had students get off the computers and get out into nature to make connections between the literature and the world. A chemistry teacher got creative and demonstrated labs from her kitchen. Three counselors worked throughout the school year to earn us the No Place for Hate designation. Our special education teachers took full advantage of the virtual format to implement accommodations through technology. These are just a few examples of how remarkable and dedicated our teachers are.

Our teachers and staff are all heart. And they love our students!

Happy Summer!

Lisamarie Kane                                                                         


Have a great week, everyone!

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