Bee in the Know

Week of December 13, 2020

Hello Jackets!

Winter break is December 21 through January 3. Please use that time to refresh and connect with love ones. Students have one week until we are on break, so please make the most of it! Attend all classes, complete classwork during the class time so that it does not pile up until Monday and turn in projects and homework on time. We understand that this has been a challenge for everyone, but we are so proud of our students and their diligence during this time. Happy holidays and see you in 2021!

Schedule Changes

Alpha assigned counselors are in the process of making schedule changes based upon parent responses from the Quarter 2 Return to Learn Survey.  Most students will remain in the same class periods with the same teacher and their schedule assignment will change from TR/WF to VO and vice versa.  

With 950 student schedules to update, counselors will work on the changes from now until December 15, 2020.  During this time frame, the grades of impacted students will disappear from ParentVue and StudentVue, however, parents and students will be able to monitor feedback in Canvas.  Teachers will work to restore grades in ParentVue and StudentVue on December 16. 

 If for some reason, your student has trouble accessing the Zoom links for their classes during this time, please have the student email their teacher for assistance. 

All parents will have an opportunity to select reopening of third quarter learning preference in January:

Many parents and guardians have asked to have an opportunity to update their selection for their student’s preferred attendance method in the third quarter. As such, we will provide another opportunity from January 4-8 to update their ParentVUE selection if they want to make a change for their student to attend in-person or virtually in the third quarter, should health conditions permit us to open per the dates the School Board approved at the last meeting. Only those who plan to make a change would need to do so.

Academic Support Opportunities

ENGLISH and SOCIAL STUDIES: If you didn't pass your English or Social Studies class first quarter, never fear! The English and Social Studies Departments invite you to GRO (Grade Recovery Opportunity). Here's how it works: Ask your English/Social studies teacher if they can recommend you. They will send you the information to register for the Monday GRO sessions. Once you complete the registration form, you will receive the Zoom link via email. For an hour, there will be an English teacher per grade level available to help with any work students bring to the session. The available dates are as follows: December 14. The sessions are first come first serve, with a maximum of 40 students per session, so make sure you sign up right away!

MATH: Math Honor Society is now offering Peer Tutoring in Zoom! Tutoring is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:50 – 3:30 in Zoom at

Advanced sign up is not necessary. Students needing help will work in breakout rooms with peer to assist them. Come ready to share your virtual documents! Please note, tutoring is not available on holidays and teacher workdays.

TEACHER OFFICE HOURS: Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their teachers for extra assistance during their scheduled office hours. Our teachers are eager to help students and are readily available during their office hour sessions for one on one and/or group assistance. Please don’t forget to take advantage of this extra help from your dedicated teachers!

Good News

The Rusciolelli family each year provides grants to OPHS teachers in honor of former OPHS student, Michael Rusciolelli. Michael graduated from OPHS in 1995 and lost his life in a car accident that summer. His family started the Michael Rusciolelli Memorial Foundation in 1996. Since then, his family has been giving back to OP every year and helped establish our Butterfly Garden. The Rusciolelli family read through the applications and are proud to grant funds to the following teachers/projects:

Lauren Field - Athletic Training Room Improvements ($730)

Teresa Torgoff - Diverse French Books for French Students ($300)

Elizabeth Marlowe - English Dept Novel Maus ($480)

Waleed Mufti - Intellectual Disabilities Classroom Improvements ($1560)

Nikki Raquedan - No Place For Hate, anti bullying campaign ($770)

Leanne Beardsly - Key Club Virtual Activities ($320)

Congratulations to all grant recipients!

OPHS Athletics

Indoor Track, Swim, Gymnastics, Wrestling all start on 12/14 Check for specific times and locations

Please reach out to your perspective head coach for more information.

  •  Indoor Track: Chris Webb
  •  Swim and Dive: Bradley Morrison
  •  Gymnastics: Helen Reading
  • Wrestling: Andy Chaves

 Key Club

OPHS Key Club invites the entire OP community to join us in writing cards, making pictures and artwork, and collecting holiday items for our local senior citizen communities. We will be taking all artwork and collected items to Caton Merchant House and Birmingham Green, both in Manassas and near OP. Please make your own artwork and cards if you’d like. Additional holiday cards and coloring pages are available at OP, outside the main entrance, in the Key Club corner. Below is the wish list for Birmingham Green.   

Please join us in making the holidays special for all the residents at Birmingham Green. This year since they are doing requests virtually, they are requesting various items that could be used for gift donations. All items are needed for both men and women. Key Club will be collecting items in the outside front entranceway at door 1, in the Key Club corner on the left side of the glass doors. Please have all items at the school in the designated containers by Wednesday, December 16. 

Birmingham Green wish list: 

  •  Large print word search puzzles 
  •  Adult coloring books 
  •  Markers 
  •  Coloring pencils 
  •  Toiletry sets 
  •  Winter hats 
  •  Gloves 
  •  Mittens 
  •  Scarves 
  •  Socks 
  •  Slippers 
  •  Sweatshirt 
  •  Sweatpants 
  •  Sweat jackets 
  •  Long sleeve cotton shirts 
  •  Fleece blankets 
  •  Deodorant 
  •  Toothbrush 
  •  Toothpaste 
  •  Shampoo 
  •  Conditioner 
  •  Combs or brushes 
  •  Large print books 
  •  Pajamas 
  •  Short sleeve undershirts (men’s) 
  •  Kindle Fire tablets 
  •  Portable DVD players 
  •  Jewelry 
  •  Handbags/ purses 
  •  Jigsaw puzzles 300 pieces or less 
  •  Electronic travel games 
  •  Craft kits 
  •  2021 calendars
  •  Ballpoint Pens 
  •  Lotion 
  •  Radio/CD players 
  •  Gift Cards 

Thank you for your support. Email Mrs. Beardsley at with any questions.  
George Mason Partnership

Student, teachers, and faculty...OPHS has partnered up with George Mason University to promote our club, GMU Courageous Conversations, for the 3rd year in a row. Come join us twice a month, on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm and let YOUR VOICES be HEARD, on TOPICS that MATTER TO YOU! We hope to see you there! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at any of these email addresses: 


 Our next meeting will be on December 15th.

Human Rights Student Leadership Council:  About Us

The Prince William Human Rights Student Leadership Council (Cohort 5) consists of 46 members this year, of which 18 members are from OPHS. We meet each month with the Prince William Human Rights Commission to learn and promote human rights awareness and diversity. The theme for this school year is fittingly “Health is a Human Right Essential for Equality and Leadership.” As the school year progresses, we will work diligently to convey this message clearly to our school and regional community. This will be achieved by sharing unique experiences and promoting diversity through conferences, public events, and implementing human and civil rights projects in the community. Additionally, we focus on leadership skills through discussions, activities, and presentations. We hope to have a positive impact on our community, including here at Osbourn Park and hope you can bring us one step closer to achieving this goal.

Leadership Goals for the 2020-2021 School Year

The representatives of OPHS in the Human Rights Student Leadership Council (HRSLC), alongside our principal Mrs. Lisamarie Kane, have identified three leadership skills that we aspire our student body to implement in their everyday lives both in and outside the classroom.

1. Integrity- As Yellow Jackets, we should strive to be adaptive and flexible as well as open and honest with ourselves and each other. We should also be trustworthy and hold ourselves and others accountable for the actions we commit. We should believe in the performance of our academics and potential for success in the classroom.

2. Problem Solving- It is very important that we communicate and work with our teachers and our peers if we don’t understand something. When discovering our problem areas, we should think outside the box to come up with a solution and persevere. It is important to remember that you are not alone and that there are plenty of resources to seek help from including tutoring from all disciplines: Math, History, Spanish, French, and English Honor Societies, Go2Support for advice on having a successful school year, your guidance counselors, and much more. The teachers, the students, the administration and OPHS staff are here to support you during this unprecedented time.

3. Kindness- As a community, we should respect everyone including our teachers and classmates by respecting boundaries, participating in class, being attentive, and not causing disruptions. We should be empathetic, open minded to people’s opinions and perspectives, and mindful that everyone is dealing with this tough time. Finally, we should not only treat others with care but also ourselves with the same care.

Human Rights Student Leadership Council: Our Promise to You

As HRSLC representatives as well as students at Osbourn Park High School, it is our responsibility to uphold ourselves to the same standards outlined above and remain accountable for leading with example, particularly during this unprecedented time. As we continue the school year, the OPHS HRSLC representatives pledge to convey the messages and issues apparent in the student body as well as the school community to the Human Rights Commission and put forth all the resources available to us to ensure a productive and meaningful school year.

As always “Work Hard, Be Kind” and we all look forward to a successful and active school year.


OPHS Human Rights Student Leadership Council Representatives