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Week of January 17, 2021

Hello Yellow Jacket Family! During these difficult times, we would like to thank our students, parents, and community members for all your support and encouragement. We are so thankful that we live in a community that supports each other. Student participation in both synchronous and asynchronous learning is critical to student success as we continue to move forward towards the end of first semester and the beginning of the third marking period. Please continue to monitor your student’s progress on a regular basis through ParentVue and contact your student’s teachers, counselor, or administrator if you have any questions.

Teacher of the Year Nominee

Osbourn Park is proud to announce Cheryl Clark as a 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year nominee. Ms. Clarke has been teaching students with special needs for 33 years (22 years in Prince William County). She has taught at all three levels, but high school is her passion. She received her Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Slippery Rock University and her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University.

Her students have always been her inspiration to strive for excellence. Each day, she learns something new and is constantly making changes and adjustments to better herself for her students. At OP, she has taught a variety of subjects, but her passion is teaching Reading. Her students strive to increase their reading Lexiles to achieve their goal of reading on grade level.

One of Ms. Clarke's colleagues wrote, “Cheryl has always been the solid backbone of the special education department at Osbourn Park. She is highly respected by her colleagues where I (as well as others I am sure) have a super strong desire to work harder at performing my job, completing special ed tasks and completing the paperwork not only correctly the first time but with strict level of overall accuracy. Cheryl has helped to build a culture within our department that what we do is important, that there is a right way to do things and that anything less is not acceptable. With Cheryl around, us special ed teachers want to complete our work well and to the best of our abilities.”

Ms. Clarke writes, "I consider all my students my children. Over the years, I have maintained contact with former students, and I enjoy watching them move into adulthood and experience life. I am humbled by this nomination and I share it with all my amazing colleagues at OP."

Congratulations, Ms. Clarke! Thank you for making a commitment to your students and making OP proud!

2021- 22 Academic Advising

We are in the process of preparing for the academic advisement process for the 2021-22 school year. School counselors will begin meeting with students during the month of February and March to review their graduation requirements, prior course history, educate students about the course selection process and assist with their course selection for the upcoming year. Our faculty carefully considers student course recommendations prior to our students selecting courses. By January 24th, teachers will have made student course recommendations for parents/students to view in StudentVue. These recommendations are important because they serve as a guide in the course selection process. After viewing teacher recommendations, parents and/or students may enter their own course selections for the upcoming school year. Listed below is the timeline for the academic advising process for the 2021-22 school year:

January 11 – 24 Teachers input course recommendations

January 25- 31 Parents and students review teacher recommendations through StudentVue and submit course selections.

January 27 – 29 Ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students will review a PowerPoint on the academic advising process through English classes.

February 2 – 12 Counselors will begin meeting with 11th grade students through US/VA History classes to select their courses for the upcoming school year.

February 16 – 24 Counselors will begin meeting with 10th grade students through HPE II classes to select their courses for the upcoming school year.

February 25 – March 5 Counselors will begin meeting with 9th grade students through HPE I classes to select their courses for the upcoming school year.

May 28, 2021 The last day that parents/students may submit changes to course requests. Requests for change will be honored on a space available basis.

Listed below is a link to a Smores newsletter that provides some general information about the Academic Advisement process for the upcoming school year.

Pre-AP” Course titles changed to “Advanced”

For the 2021-22 school year, the College Board has decided to trademark the designation of “Pre-AP” and created a small number of courses that are permitted to carry this official designation, while also requiring fees to do so. This new College Board program does not allow the “Pre-AP” designation to be exclusive to college preparation courses, requires the payment of significant fees for each course taught, and in some cases are not closely aligned to Virginia Standards of Learning. For these reasons, PWCS will no longer use the title “Pre-AP” for these courses but rather use the title of “Advanced.” The courses with this designation will still be weighted, as they were this past school year, and will retain the same rigorous PWCS curriculum that we have used to prepare students for college and university level academic work for many, many years. Courses that were previously identified as “Advanced” in their titles that do not meet the rigors for course weighting have had the title “Advanced” removed and the course title altered accordingly.

AP Information Night

Did you know that on average, students take three AP exams over the course of their high school careers, which has the potential of saving them $13,000 at an in-state college and up to $25,000 at a private school? For more information about the benefits of taking AP and Pre AP (Advanced) classes and a chance to talk to teachers and counselors about your questions, you and your parents are invited to attend OP's first AP Information Night, February 9th at 7:00-8:30! Please note, Spanish interpreters will be available.  

Counselor and Administrator Support

If you need support with your classes, or you need help with managing your time or organizing your schedule, please reach out to your counselor.

Ms. Andrada (A-BOW)
Mr. Baxter (BOX-END)
Ms. Lovos Sandoval (ENE-HIN)
Mr. Turner (HIO-MAY)
Mr. Canas Ramirez (MAZ-PIE)
Ms. Jaeger (PIF-SHIN)
Ms. Cobbs (SHIO-Z)
Ms. Raquedan (Pre-Gov/Gov School A-Z)

 If you are having difficulty with a particular class, we recommend that you reach out directly to your teacher and try to attend their office hours. You can also reach out to the administrator for that subject area:

Mrs. Gill (World Languages, Language Arts, NJRTOC)
Mrs. Wilson-Keys (Science, FACS, PLTW Biomedical Sciences, Business)
Mr. Grazier (Special Education, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, CTE, HPE)
Mrs. Walton (Social Studies, ESOL)
Mr. Henken (Math, Special Education, Gifted)
Ms. Gardner (School Counseling)

Organize your Digital Files

Organizing files is best done daily. In most cases, simple is better. Listed below are some tips to help you organize your digital files:

Try creating a logical folder/file system in OneDrive
Or on your desktop that works for what you need. For students, organizing your documents into folders for each class may be the easiest and best approach. Do not forget to come up with a file naming system that is easy to remember and that you can keep consistent.

Organize your Internet Tabs & Windows 
This one is a lifesaver, especially if you are one of those people who accumulate lots of open tabs and windows during the day! Session Buddy is a great tool for saving your tabs, windows, and bookmarks, leaving you free to exit out and return to them at any time. Session Buddy allows you to name each saved window however you like; try organizing by class or project.

Control Distractions
Controlling distractions is more about finding ways to keep your mind “organized” so that you can better focus on the task at hand. Are you distracted by the Internet and trying to get work done offline? Try using a timed Internet blocker like SelfControl. Are you a person that obsessively checks social media or email on your phone? Set aside specific work blocks during the day and turn off your phone and put it in a drawer or another place where you will not automatically reach for it.

Track Your Time
Tracking time can be a good way to help you organize and keep track of your homework or project times. This is a common strategy for professional writers. Have some fun with themed timers, or keep it simple with the timer function on our phone. Set your interval and then sit down and get to work.

Clean up your Computer Desktop
A messy desktop is kind of like a messy bedroom floor. At first, you might be able to live with it and know where things are (or at least, their relative vicinity), but after a while, the mess will slow you down and leave you wondering where to start. Cleaning your desktop is a great practice to do weekly, at the end or start of a week. Keep most documents and other media in your OneDrive or in a folder. If there is a document or an icon on your desktop screen, make sure it has an everyday purpose!

Alfred Street Baptist Church

Alfred Street Baptist Church is hosting the 19th Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Festival on Saturday, February 20, 2021 from 08:00 am to 4:00 pm. In response to COVID-19 concerns, this event will be VIRTUAL. Registration is now open for high school seniors only. Registration for all others will open on January 25, 2021 at 12:00 noon (EST). You may register online at or on their ASBC app.

Hall of Fame Announcement

Osbourn Park High School and the Osbourn Park Athletic Department are excited to announce the inception of the OPHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

Nominations will recognize those individuals who through their accomplishments have brought distinction and pride to our school and community as an athlete, coach, team or as a contributor to the development and success of the Osbourn Park athletic program.

Nominations will be received through March 31st with a planned inaugural class announcement in late May. The inaugural class will include coaches, players, faculty members, administrators/contributors, and teams with a minimum of ten years separation from OPHS (1976-2011). The nomination form can be found at and can be submitted by an OP Alumni, current/former coach, administrator, or community member.

To obtain any additional information please contact the Director of Student Activities Keith Laine at or Kerri Mohl at

National History Club

The National History Club is now offering weekly social studies tutoring on Wednesdays from 2:50-3:30. We are looking to see who is interested in receiving peer tutoring or becoming a peer tutor. If you are interested in becoming a tutor or receiving tutoring, please fill out the appropriate survey below. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Trerotola for more details.

Survey for Those Who Want to Receive Peer Tutoring in History

History Peer Tutor Interest Survey

Upcoming Dates

Monday, January 18 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No school for students and staff)
Wednesday, January 20 – Inauguration Day (No school for students and staff)
Friday, January 22 (End of Marking Period 2 and Semester 1)

Enjoy your weekend and have an awesome and productive week, everyone!

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