Sponsor:  Mr. Darnell Barbour

What is it?
Forensics is competitive public speaking and dramatic performance. Forensics is like a track meet. You compete in a single event and receive a score for your performance. Based on your score, you are awarded points that go toward your school's point total at the end of the competition.

What can I compete in?
Prose: Don’t work well with others? Well this is the event for you!!! With a ten minute time limit, you get the opportunity to showcase your dramatic (humorous or serious) abilities!!!!
Poetry: Do you like long walks on the beach? Discussing your feelings for hours? The Poetry event might just be the outlet you need. So put away the personal ads and find a poem or a collection of poems with a linked theme, and for ten minutes you can share your joy with the world.

Dramatic Duo: Are you one of a dynamic duo? Well bring your other half, and don’t forget the drama! With a tem minute limit you and your partner get the chance to highlight your chemistry.

Humorous Interpretation: Do you talk to yourself? Well if you do, this is the event for you! It is here that people will laugh because you are funny not because you are crazy!!! In one scene, you will play multiple characters with a ten minute time limit.

Dramatic Interpretation: Do you suffer from Drama-itissis? We have a ten minute, twice monthly cure available for you!!! Side effects may include talking to oneself, suffering from short schizophrenic outbursts, and if you’re good, awards!!!

Storytelling: Do you secretly keep Dr. Seuss books hidden under your bed? Does your mom still read you bedtime stories? Well stop being ashamed; bring them to school (we won’t tell your friends)! Reading a complete children’s story, you get to act out all of your favorite characters within a ten minute time limit.

Original Oratory: Do you like to hear yourself talk? Do you fantasize about persuasive speeches? Well you should! O.O. gives you the opportunity to express your opinion on ANY topic of your choice. With your ten minute limit, you will display your memorization skills.
Impromptu: Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? Neither have we! But you might be asked to talk about one. Impromptu call on your ability to think on your feet (and we All know what that means!).

Debate: Do you constantly argue (with someone other than yourself)? Then join fellow debaters in either Public Forum or Lincoln Douglas Debate. Here, you get to present both sides of the story. But you wont be called a hypocrite!

Dues cover registration fees for competitions and an OPHS Forensics Team t-shirt we will be designing later this year.