Grade: 12

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Successful completion of AP English 11 or English 11 with grade of B or better, student interest in advanced study, and teacher recommendation.

Description:  Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition is a senior-level course designed for the student who needs and desires the challenge of an advanced English class. Students are expected to master all English 12 performance indicators of the curriculum guide and complete a study of world literature. Critical, analytical, and creative writing will be required. Specific problems that occur in students’ work will generate the study of grammar and advanced composition skills. In May, the students take an exam to qualify for advanced standing in college and/ or college credit.

Teacher: Mrs. Dianne Demastrie and Mr. Hoffman

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AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignment

The summer reading assignment for AP English 12 is to read and annotate The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

Please bring your book with you to class on the first day of class in September.