School Counseling Department Staff

Ms. Pamela Gardner, Director

Mrs. Maureen Andrada (A-Bow)

Mr. Christopher Baxter (Box-End)

Ms. Georgina Sandoval Cibrian (Ene-Hin)

Mrs. Keisha Mercer (Hio-May)

Mr. Juan Canas Ramirez (Maz-Pie) 

Mrs. Courtney Jaeger (Pif-Shin)

Ms. Jayna Cobbs (Shio-Z)

Mrs. Melissa Bach (Pre-Gov & Gov School)

Ms. Suzanne Salvo(College & Career Counselor)

Ms. Morgan Carper, Counseling Secretary

Ms. Majeda Alsabagh, Registrar

Ms. Christine Cortez, School Social Worker

Mr. Stanley Urbaniak, School Psychologist

TBD, New Horizons Therapist

Ms. Heather Lontos, Transition Specialist

Ms. Laura Inesta, Attendance Officer

Contact Information:

Phone: 703.365.6500
Fax: 703.330.2170

School Counseling Department Philosophy

School Counseling Mission Statement:

The Osbourn Park High School Counseling Department shall empower students to succeed in both today and tomorrow’s society. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, developmental, and educational program that meets the academic, personal/social, and career goals of our diverse student population. School counselors provide responsive services in the areas of consultations and collaboration with students, parents/guardians, teachers, staff, and community resources.

The professional school counselors at Osbourn Park High School believe:

All students have the capacity to learn and grow in the supportive environment provided at Osbourn Park High School.

School Counselors assist students to develop their potential by using our school community as a foundation and support system for student achievement.

School Counselors promote student self-exploration and encourage involvement in educational opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

All students are valued for their uniqueness we respect and encourage personal development, growth and confidence, to allow for cultural diversity.

Data is used to initiate and develop a comprehensive School Counseling Program in accordance with ASCA standards that provide and encourage academic achievement, personal growth and career exploration.

School Counselors advocate for all of our stakeholders, the clients we serve and the profession by making sure that we meet the needs of our diverse population.

The success students experience in high school will follow them into their future endeavors and lay the ground work for continued success.

School Profile (PDF)

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